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How to Get Your Best Hair through Hair Oiling

A good hair day can boost my mood like nothing else. Waking up with shiny hair that’s happy and soft fills me with so much confidence, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. But what if you could have a good hair day every day? If you want to achieve your best hair, you have to start at the root. All you need is a few extra minutes and a great hair oil.

What Is Hair Oiling?

We spend so much time using facial serums and oils, but when was the last time you gave your hair this kind of TLC? Hair oiling is the perfect way to start treating your hair how it deserves. Hair oiling is the practice of massaging specific hair oils into your scalp and strands. A good hair oil will moisturize, strengthen, and hydrate your hair. Hair oiling is also a great way to protect your hair follicles from the harsh ingredients found in many commercial shampoos and conditioners. This means that even after styling, you’ll have hair that looks and feels great.

Where Did the Practice of Hair Oiling Come from?

If you’re skeptical, I get it. It seems that there’s a new haircare gimmick making the rounds on social media every few weeks, but hair oiling is not a trend. In fact, it’s over 5,000 years old. For generations, people have been oiling their own hair and the hair of their loved ones. For many, hair oiling is something they did with their mother or grandmother before bed, and for this reason, hair oiling holds a special place in the hearts of so many people.

The process of hair oiling was born from Ayurveda, which is a perspective of medicine that values a holistic approach to treatment. Ayurvedic principles originated in ancient India, and they prioritize creating harmony between the body and the mind. These practices have thousands of years of research and testing behind them. So, if you’re looking for the golden ticket to beautiful hair, don’t spend your money on a quick trend that’s not even backed by science. Instead, turn to the centuries-old ayurvedic way of haircare.

What Kind of Oil Should You Use?

Hair oiling is a great first step into Ayurvedic practices because it’s so simple! All you need is a natural hair oil. Some of my favorite oils are amla oil and shea nut oil. Amla oil stimulates hair growth while hydrating my scalp, and the shea nut softens my strands. These are just two of the 18 Ayurvedic herbs and oils infused into The Goddess Hair Elixir.  It also contains babassu oil to keep down inflammation and protect your scalp, and lavender essential oil to keep your hair healthy and free from bacteria. 


How Do You Oil Your Hair?

Hair oiling doesn’t need to be complicated. Start by sectioning your hair into four parts. For maximum benefits, oil wet or damp hair.  You can oil dry hair; just make sure it’s clean!  Once your hair is sectioned, massage your hair elixir into your scalp.  This part feels incredible, so definitely take your time and consider it an act of self-care.  Then, smooth the oil through your strands from root to tip.  Make sure to work the oil through one section at a time, so it can be evenly distributed. Once you finish one section, clip it back and start on the next one.  Happy hair oiling!


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